Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency Statement

Travel Packages you find on Jampack may display various prices, including strikethrough prices, may advertise certain discount percentages and savings amounts, and [dynamic pricing].  Jampack is committed to providing its customers with transparent information about all displayed prices and savings.  Below you can learn more about what each of the price representations you see on Jampack means. 

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing for Travel Packages you find on Jampack may change in real-time and may not be the same as when you originally booked or viewed pricing. Pricing is based on various external factors, including current market demand, the season, supply changes, and price bounding. Pricing changes may occur within minutes. And while pricing tends to increase, on occasion pricing could decrease. All purchases are non-refundable, and pricing will not be adjusted or decreased to reflect changes in pricing.

Strike Through/Discounted Pricing

Some Travel Package deals will display two price amounts and a discount percentage for each listed deal option, like this:

The savings percentage (“30% OFF”) represents the percentage discount of the Jampack price off of the represented offer value if you were to purchase each of the travel package inclusions individually at other retailers, such as  It may not be the lowest available price.  In certain cases, additional taxes and fees may apply and be charged either at checkout or at the time you use each of the inclusions in the travel package.  These amounts are not reflected in the savings percentage. 

You may see the word “From” in front of the savings percentage.  This means that there are multiple options and/or price points, which you will find by clicking to view the travel package page.  In these cases, the percentage price listed is the lowest of the available options and/or price points.
In the above example, the [[COLOR] strikethrough price] indicates what the collective price of each individual vendor selling the travel package inclusion based on either (A) the vendor’s listed price of the inclusion or (B) the price at which another retailer, such as, is currently offering the same or a directly comparable inclusion, both of which are based at the time of publishing the sale of the travel package on Jampack. As such, the [COLOR] strikethrough price may not be the current prevailing market price or regular retail rate for the collective inclusion. Prices for some services (such as event tickets, hotel stays, and other travel services) may fluctuate, and may be cheaper to purchase individually. If you believe a particular pricing is inaccurate, , please notify us by email at [email protected].

If you ever encounter a situation where you believe the listed strikethrough price does not correspond to the collective price of the product or a comparable product offered by a different retailer or the vendors directly, please contact us at [email protected]