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Discover new industry insights and trends

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Event packages that wow your audience and create more revenue for you.


Grow your community

Earn 30% more on tickets

No cost
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One customizable booking flow

All-in-one packages with built-in savings

Offer unbeatable hotel deals
Suggest unique experiences
Give flexible payment options


The festival re-entry was amazing for us. We brought our kids and we were able to start our days early, and finish late. I will always get this package as long as it's available. Thank you so much for making this festival experience our best yet, and we are seasoned festival vets!

Dave P, Welcome to Rockville Fan

Being able to add hotel ticket travel packages with experiential add-ons creates a more robust product that's more attractive to fans.

Ben Allen, Marketing Director

With [Jampack], fans can select a hotel, a unique experience in the city, and also a game ticket. This opened up new revenue opportunities for us.

Javan Hedlund, Associate Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use the platform?

The platform is free to use; there are no start up costs. We offer a net revenue share on the hotels and other package offerings.

Who gets the event ticket revenue?

You keep 100% of your ticket revenue and we do not mark prices up.

Who handles the hotel accommodations and other package inclusion sourcing?

We take care of it. We’ll find the best hotels and experiences for your fans and bundle with admission and whatever else you’re offering today.

What happens to the data if fans are leaving our sight?

All data is openly shared and owned by both Jampack and the Festival

Who hosts and organizes the parties, yoga sessions and additional experiences?

The Jampack team has a strong team of professionals that support the organization, coordination and execution of events.