How Reggae Rise Up increased sales by 59%

Allison Carpio
Jul 4, 2024
​​Jampack passes savings onto the consumer, increases our business margins, and, most importantly, creates a streamlined, and enjoyable customer journey.

Ben Allen, Marketing Director at Live Nite Events

  • 35% increase in AOV (Las Vegas 2023)
  • 59% increase in bundle orders (Florida 2023)
  • 56% increase in fans purchasing bundles (Florida 2023)


Reggae Rise Up hosts concerts and music festivals across Florida, Maryland, Utah, and Las Vegas to celebrate lovers of reggae and all of its related genres. Festival goers can enjoy a combination of live performances, DJ sets, and immersive experiences — entirely centered around reggae, roots, dancehall, world music, and more. 

The team at Live Nite Events successfully planned, hosted, and operated three festivals alongside Jampack in 2022. Now, they’re back to do it again for 2023 and beyond. 

The Challenge: Reggae Rise Up needed to close gaps in their revenue and fan experience

Ben Allen, Marketing Director at Live Nite Events, says it simply: “Everyone is looking to optimize both the customer experience and their margins.” But the team behind Reggae Rise Up (RRU) ran into two issues: 

  1. Their packages lacked breadth and experiential add-ons. RRU only had a rudimentary hotel booker to bundle some tickets with hotel stays. They knew fans from out of town wanted more than a hotel, yet they didn’t have the bandwidth and capability to solve this. 
  1. They missed out on opportunities for additional profit and revenue from travelers. RRU already offers experiences like open bars, afterparties, etc., which festival-goers love — but the team was not making the most of those sales streams. As a result, they were leaving thousands of dollars of additional revenue on the table. 

The team knew Jampack showed clear potential to optimize both the fan experience and their margins. Everybody — RRU’s staff and fans alike — would win. 

“When Jampack came along, we saw the potential for better margins and upselling — but it’s also tied directly to fan experiences. Being able to offer more extensive bundles created a more robust and attractive product for the fans, while also solving the issue of time-consuming booking.” 

Curated experience packages create a one-stop shop for fans

Before onboarding with Jampack, RRU attendees had to make several stops to plan their experience: one website for booking festival tickets and others for booking travel, hotel stays, and more. 

Jampack’s platform, which is purpose-built for live events, enables the RRU team to seamlessly bundle and sell everything — from festival tickets and hotel rooms to restaurants, nightlife, and experiential add-ons of their choice — in curated packages. 

According to Ben, Jampack’s experience and travel packages give fans an effortless one-stop-shop experience, which stands out in three ways: 

  1. Fans love expertly curated bundles — Festival-goers want a wealth of options. At the same time, they want those options simplified and curated by someone trustworthy to make decisions easier.
    Enter: Jampack.
    Purchasing a package allows the fan to book and plan within minutes — and then get back to being excited about their favorite performers.
  1. A truly seamless booking experience — RRU attendees can book their plans for the weekend in one place, from tickets and housing to brunches, yoga sessions, exclusive parties, and more. It’s truly a one-stop shop: Once you’ve purchased, your entire festival experience is ready. It only takes one sitting and minutes of your time. 

  1. Greater profits with every package sold — Fans want unforgettable experiences even outside of the festival, which is why they’re willing to plan and pay for accommodations for their entire stay. Jampack creates an easy way to upsell, and every bundle sold brings in greater profits for RRU than its individual parts. 
“We have 100% established a stronger connection with our existing fanbase and customer channels. Jampack allows us to establish those connections and resonate more deeply with attendees by offering better experiences.” 

The Results: Delight your fans while boosting your AOV and bottom line

Like most festival organizers, Ben feels a personal stake in the events he helps put on: “At the end of the day, we are here for the fans and also because we are fans.” 

The Jampack team continuously improves package curation based on event insights year over year. As a result, both Reggae Rise Up’s return on investment and the fan experience only gets better.

  • 35% increase in AOV for Vegas festivals in 2023
  • 59% increase in bundle orders for Florida festivals in 2023
  • 56% increase in fans purchasing bundles for Florida festivals in 2023

Looking forward, Ben is amped to watch the partnership continue for the long haul. The RRU and Jampack teams are already beginning work on the 2024 festival circuit — with even loftier goals for total experience packages sold and top-line revenue. 

“Having a partner that’s truly self-sufficient and expert-level is valuable. The Jampack team is highly communicative and willing to adapt and evolve with businesses, products, and market segments. Now, they’ve become an integrated part of our sales cycle — from announcements to maintenance to closeouts.” 

Jampack empowers event organizers around the world to build fan experiences that transcend ticketing, from festivals to conferences to sporting events. Want a demo to learn more about our solutions? Connect with our sales team today. 

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