How to wow your fans and unlock new revenue

Apr 26, 2024

Earlier this year, our co-founders Daren Libonati and Sonny Smith gave a talk at the INTIX 2024 Annual Conference. We’ve summarized their discussion with the top ticketing thought leaders. So if you’re an event producer, ticketing expert, talent lover, marketing whiz or event curator, this post is for you. 

In the 50+ years both Daren Libonati and Sonny Smith have been in the live events industry, one thing has been clear: 

This industry is missing out on a significant opportunity to delight the fans–especially fans making a whole weekend out their event plans (aka ‘event-cationers’). Which means they’re missing a giant piece of the new revenue pie. 

A new way to earn sales before your event

Directing all of your focus to solely selling tickets is a miss.

Why? Today, fans buy your tickets  but as soon as they get them, they leave your ecosystem to book everything else (hotel rooms, transportation, and so much more).

By offering event packages that include the ticket, a hotel stay, and additional experiences, you could not only earn 30% more on each ticket sold, but give your audience a more convenient buying experience and more value from your brand.

No time to think about new revenue streams

Ah yes, the age old question:  “How can I go about increasing my event’s revenue?”

One of our co-founders, Daren Libonati, believes that: “We've got to create solutions for people because they're stuck. They're in this rut of the old industry…It's not that you're not capable– the last time I checked you probably had 50 emails waiting for you to answer…[but] have no time to think about new revenue streams and what you can do.”

To empower event creators with new streams of revenue and therefore keep this magical industry going, the Jampack co-founders introduced a platform and white glove service to provide our loyal fan base with packages.

What are packages?

“So just what does it really mean to bundle or package? Today's experience is platform agnostic, but whatever ticketing platform, whatever place people are purchasing their tickets from, they're going to 20 different websites to buy stuff, right? So the ability to have a single transaction and multiple things in there is really the evolution of what's happening, obviously, in the tech space.” - Sonny Smith, Co-founder at Jampack

The modern world is one of convenience. Within the event and ticketing industry, we all know that with the purchase of an event ticket comes additional purchases– usually for transportation or lodging– made outside of the ticketing platform.

Putting all of these commodities into one platform for purchase is not only logical, but helps elevate convenience. 

Furthermore, Jampack’s packages are completely customizable and can be easily built around each individual fan, allowing for complete personalization on their end.

There are great companies out there making custom packages for high net worth individuals, but Jampack’s goals is to make packages with cool stuff accessible to a much larger audience. Our co-founder, Sonny Smith, once said, “We realize that consumers want more, so the ability for us to build a demographic specific event just aligns with the events we're working with. We can put anything in a package. We make it as turnkey as possible. We also have resources there on site for larger events. So in that regard, there's a level of service that we provide as well.”

At the end of the day, through highly convenient and customizable packages, our main goal is to provide fans with the “event-cation” of a lifetime.

How we use our platform to facilitate a better fan experience

Beyond making unique package experiences, a lot of work goes into components that all coincide on a customized page curated for each event’s packages.

This singular seamless page and booking flow hosts everything from features to create user confidence, to important functions like Jampack’s own internal payment plan.

When it comes to payment, Jampack has a thoughtful user flow.

After fans put together their experience and go to checkout, they simply create an account, put in their credit card information, and with just two clicks they can reach the secure checkout screen. Quick and easy.

Regardless of how much ease and security the Jampack platform provides fans’, a major question often pops up: how do we get our tickets?

“What we end up doing is pushing the data back to the ticketing partner, and then they distribute the tickets exactly how they would normally do it– send out the emails, send out the confirmations if it's a QR code etc. We work hand in hand with each ticketing partner and event producer,” says Sonny.

Additionally, if there's anything that needs to be physically handed to a guest, like a hotel key, we’ll have registration and assistance available at the hotels we’re working with. We’re going digital where it makes sense and working towards full integration with the ultimate ease and convenience for fans in mind.

What do we do for fans post-purchase?

Another one of our main goals is to constantly collaborate with venues, services, event providers, fans, etc., while also accompanying and supporting fans every step of the way leading up to the event.

One great way Jampack supports fans is by partially dabbling in the itinerary business (figuratively speaking).

The Jampack platform manages all the details and confirmations a fan needs for their weekend  in one place so they don’t forget their party tickets or other perks.

For example, a fan could buy 10 different inclusions in one package and only remember 4 of them. To keep fans from missing out on what they signed up for, the Jampack platform persistently communicates an itinerary. AKA “On Friday you're doing this, on Saturday you're going here, on Sunday you're doing that, etc”.

Additionally, daily alerts are issued that describe the details of each purchase, how to get to the venue/ place where the activity is being held, and any additional links they might need. Contact information for one of our customer experience representatives is also available for fans to reach out to with questions or concerns at any time. 

This fan portal empowers fans to see everything they bought and make changes to their experience overall. 

With all of this in mind, you could say that Jampack is a mini pocket travel agent for fans.

“Three years ago, we were three people. Today, we're 85 people (and counting!). But either way, you get the idea. We're only growing because people have a need. It's not because we're some great salespeople. They have a need. They have a desire. And we have a promise. Hopefully we can meet them then. So if you have any questions, great. If not, go around and share the story of TPC because it's a good one. And you'll meet the people that said I heard it first.”

Jampack their weekend, and create more revenue for you

Now, let’s talk about how you can partner with us at Jampack to earn 30% more on tickets by offering bundles that wow event-goers and turn them into super fans.

Our proprietary technology and partner integrations allow us to bundle once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the best rate available, all conveniently within a single platform. 

From hotel accommodations to open bars at the most sought-after nightclubs, line skips, event re-entry, lavish dining experiences and more, each experience offers an elevated way to “Jampack a Weekend”.

For more information or to partner with us today, visit

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