Las Vegas Festival Grounds

Las Vegas Festival Grounds, is a open-air venue located on the iconic Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. This expansive venue spans 37 acres and boasts a capacity of 85,000 people, making it the perfect destination for music lovers and festival-goers from around the globe.

Las Vegas Festival Grounds


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Venue Details

 Venue Highlights

Location: At the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, just north of Circus Circus Las Vegas, the Festival Grounds are perfectly placed for easy access to the vibrant excitement and entertainment Las Vegas is famous for.

Capacity: Capable of welcoming up to 85,000 attendees, the venue is expertly designed to accommodate large-scale events, promising an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Facilities: Equipped with multiple stages, outdoor pavilions, and a broad selection of food, beverage, and retail vendors, the Festival Grounds ensure a comprehensive festival experience. The venue also boasts 400 permanent restrooms.

Events: The Festival Grounds have played host to a myriad of major music festivals and events, such as the Lovers and Friends Music festival and  When We Were Young Festival, featuring top artists from various genres.

Planning Your Visit

Getting There

Transportation: Reaching the venue is a breeze with options like taxis, ride-shares, or the Las Vegas Monorail, complemented by a dedicated area for smooth arrivals and departures.

Parking: There's no onsite parking for private vehicles, but you'll find plenty of parking options nearby along the Strip.

Tips for Attendees

Prepare for the Weather: With the typical sunny Las Vegas climate, it's essential to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Stay Connected: Keep your phone charged to capture the moments and stay connected with your group. A portable charger is a handy accessory.

Follow Festival Guidelines: Visit the festival's offical website ahead of time to know what items are allowed and which are not. A clear backpack can make getting through security quicker.

After the Festival: The excitement doesn't have to stop with the festival's end. Las Vegas is filled with options to keep the fun going, from top-tier dining to entertainment spots open late into the night.

311 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas
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