Event packages

Go all in with a package to your next event

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in ticket & hotel packages? (flights and transportation NOT included)

Ticket & Hotel Packages include 100% valid and guaranteed festival ticket(s), discounted rates on hotel accommodations.

Are ticket & hotel packages an exclusive to the event?

The event has partnered with Jampack to provide a special curated travel experience. Individual tickets can be purchased separately on the Official Event Websites.

Does everyone in a group need to buy a travel package?

You can easily purchase a package for multiple people in one transaction. If your package includes a ticket and is booked for two people, your order will have two tickets. Simply add the number of guests you are buying for and number of rooms you need in the checkout flow. Plus, at the end of the checkout flow you can either split the payment with your group so they pay individually or you can pay for the entire group.

How do I secure my festival ticket?

Tickets are guaranteed and included in Ticket & Hotel Packages (excluding Hotel Only Packages)!

Is transportation provided from the airport or event?

Travel packages do not include transportation to and from airport, to hotel, or to any of the events, unless specified in the package you purchased.

How long do invited guests have to pay?

Invited guests will receive an email inviting them to pay for their portion of the package. All members in the group must pay their initial payment within 24 hours in order for the booking to be confirmed.

How will I receive to my purchased package add-ons?

Add-on details will be sent out approximately 15 days from the event date.

How do I receive my package inclusions?

Each person on your booking will receive the inclusions that comes with the package that you purchased. In most cases, the inclusions will be available for pick-up by the group leader only. TICKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE HOTEL ONLY PACKAGES.

Can I resell my ticket & hotel package?

Sorry, hotel packages are non-transferable, and reselling of tickets are prohibited.

Will there be ADA access at events?

Absolutely! All hotels and major venues are compliant with current ADA guidelines.

How do I see my travel experience details once I have booked?

You can login to your Account at any time to check the status and details of your booking. Select the travel experiences, then click Event Info for event details and information, click on Your Party to review rooming allocation (click the up arrow), names and ability to transfer or resend invitation email, and click Payment to review status of everyone in your group’s payment.

Can I upgrade my hotel?

Travel packages are curated and priced based on the hotel selected. Once a package is booked, you cannot make changes to your accommodations. If you need assistance, please contact the Travel Experience team.

Once purchased, can I receive a refund?

Once a travel package is confirmed, there are no refunds. If someone you invited doesn’t pay for their travel package, the person who booked the entire group will be responsible for the full payment of your order. Please review our Booking Conditions, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How do I update my credit card?

You can login to your My Jampack Account at any time to review details of your order, and. to make a one-time payment, or to update your credit card on file. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Click on ≡ at the top left
  • Select your user above Log Out
  • Select Payment method, then Replace card
  • Enter the card information and click Save
  • Monthly payment plans are charged automatically.

If you want to update the card on file, please do so 48 hours prior to that month's payment date.

Do you offer travel insurance?

At this time, we do not, however, you are welcome to secure travel insurance through your own insurance or a third-party insurance company. While we will assist you as best as we can in filing a claim with your travel insurance provider, please note we are not responsible for nor take any liability for any claims made on an insurance policy.